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Rev. Vernon Stones - World Church in China in the 1950s

As part of our 150th Church Anniversary celebrations, our World Church Weekend service on Sunday 4th February was centred around the life of Rev. Vernon Stones

who was minister of Staple Hill Methodist Church in the 1950s. The service, led by John Edwards, recounts his time as a missionary in China in 1973 at the time of the Communist Civil War and Revolution, as well as his arrest and time in solitary confinement.

Rev. Vernon Stones

Photo: Rev Vernon Stones (centre back row) with missionary staff at Chaotong, China. 

©John Cottrell 2008, University of Bristol – Historical Photographs of China

The service is available to watch on our YouTube channel. Just follow this link. More information will be in the March issue of News from the Pews, so keep an eye out for a copy.

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